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Re: Perseverance is shooting x-rays at Mars?

There is only one amfM, so far as I know. He somehow lost his original "amfM" account (forgot the password(??)), and created the "amfM 1" account. The last post of the former and the creation of the latter are roughly an hour apart, in mid-June of 2009. The only reason I know this is because I watched it happen and found it odd enough to remember.

I seem to remember an "amfM1" (with no space) account posting occasionally, but that might be a figment of my imagination.

There have been a couple of pretenders using various variations of the handle (some quite punny, as is the wont of us commentards), but all were intentionally(?) obvious imposters.

It has been suggested there might be a MomFromMars (maybe named ELIZA), and possibly an UncleFromMars (Parry?), but amfM has held his council on the subject.

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