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"Biz is biz, if you don't want to do biz with all comers, apparently legal or not, then don't do biz."

OK, you got me, the apparently legal or not is ethically and morally incorrect. I should not have put in the "or not". I withdraw that part of the statement. That was a mistake. I made it. Ooops.

I agree with much of your remaining argument, e.g. banks have to do their diligence on customers. And

it's possible that some of the managers themselves may object to ICE's policies and actions

Of course they do. I do.

I am not saying they don't, shouldn't or couldn't. My position is such objections belong in the political realm: "email/phone your local congresscritter/MP/PM/POTUS". If you push your views on your employer, they can push back.

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