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It's a lottery which depends on the actual street in which you live, not even how expensive the area. As it happens, I won and get high speeds and solid reliability. Roughly 25% of houses are stuck with "fibre to the node", which is ADSL to a cabinet up to 250m down the street. The former Rudd government was going to run fibre into every house in major cities and towns, but that was sabotaged by the incoming Abbott government in 2014.

I'm guessing MPs have been inundated with complaints, because yesterday the government reversed their policy of a decade and announced free fibre connections will be offered to that 25% of houses within 3 years.

Meanwhile, the proceedings of a prominent judicial inquiry were interrupted today when the examining barrister's internet dropped out, leaving the Premier* of Victoria on the (virtual) stand hanging around waiting.

* Like a Prime Minister, but for a state.

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