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New Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server versions inbound, but only available on subscription

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The constant push with changes to licensing the everything going to subscription is all about their end game of everything as a service and in the O365 cloud. For large corporations and education they will continue to add to existing agreements because it is easier and perceived to be safe than attempting to implement alternatives.

The trouble is that for so much of the Microsoft sprawl there are not robust alternatives that are acceptable in the board room.

I know all the Linux stuff, Libre Office and so on but just look at what is involved to switch 50,000 users from O365 (Email, Sharepoint OneDrive) to another solution. In the first instance they more than likely have nowhere to put the Petabytes or whatever of crap. Sure, they can lease servers and and data centre space rather than buying up front but that is all more complicated than just continuing to pay Microsoft.,

Then there is the integration issue, too much stuff appears to only function with Outlook because of the way developers have implemented things.

As the article state, it works well enough and the costs not so astronomical that the incentive to move is too low. Even if there was some mega outage a few might revert to on-prem but memories are short and marketing budgets deep.

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