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All those ‘teleworking is the new normal’ predictions? Not so much, say bosses

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We are a manufacturing company, so a majority of staff have to be at work.

Back office, sales, purchasing etc. did a split of home office and office, often rotating. The IT department I work in was 50/50, half were home office the other half on-site to keep things working (if the Internet wasn't working, resetting firewalls, manually pulling the plug on things like the telephone system when it froze). Most days everything ran smoothly, but when there was a problem, it was good to be on-site.

The teams that remained were also split up and people moved into the offices of those who were home-working.

My daily routine hasn't changed much this year, although I did do over 50 Teams training sessions - usually installing Teams remotely and then doing a Teams conference to explain how it worked. The biggest problem was getting headsets - we gave up on cameras, we ordered in March, they turned up mid-August.

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