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Where in the world is safe from COVID?

Is there actually anything productive that can be done now, after the many failures of our leadership to take the virus seriously when they had the chance. No, it is all too late

Will the current oppression/isolation make the nasty disease go away? or instead just costs loads of money and freedom to maybe delay the death of those who are inherantly susceptable to this disease.

That the fools who's failures allowed the genie out of the bottle remain in control suggests to me at least that they are the last people to trust to get a handle on this

I would suggest that it is all too late to do anything, triage is all that is remains, not nice but atleast realistic, those that are going to die will.

If say the UK for example had actually followed the plans to deal with pandemics laid down in the 1970s then yes the disease could have been contained but keeping it out would then have become a full time job until some viable solution became availible.

Not so easy when we have more people than food production. Even less easy when the food reserves that the original plan relied upon were sold off for a quick buck by the very politcial party that chose to ignore COVID and is now putting everyone else in the country on lockdown whilst they roam as they like.

I am not confused, they fked up and their failures needlessly killed thousands and still you want to believe and follow them? what does that make you

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