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All those ‘teleworking is the new normal’ predictions? Not so much, say bosses


percentages are of businesses, not employees

The percentages in the first bar graph are of the number of businesses, not the number of employees. On the one hand, there are relatively few employers in finance and insurance but they have tens of thousands of employees. On the other hand, you have a large number of businesses like small builders, independent shops and cafes which cannot telework. You can see from the first bar chart only around 15% of businesses switched to teleworking with COVID-19, even though it accounts for almost all white collar workers (as seen from the almost empty roads, trains and offices).

And you can also see that 2/3 of that 15% intend to continue with telework after COVID-19.

In other words, the figures show the opposite of what the headline says.

(The survey is probably correct, as if the ABS nail you for a survey, you have to participate, no matter how time wasting. Ask me how I know...)

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