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All those ‘teleworking is the new normal’ predictions? Not so much, say bosses

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Bosses may want people back where they can see them work, (as if results dont speak for themselves) but frankly its up to employees, post covid simple choice you want to WfH and your employer says no, go work for someone who does offer it, WfH will become as common place as 25days annual leave (in the UK) when looking at job listings.

The luddites will suddenly find WfH is preferable to being understaffed and having to suffer the indignity of rolling sleeves up. That and the bean counters will be liking having a much lower leccy bill, and fortune saved on replacing office furniture, nm all the places which are quitting there leases and downsizing the office to a meeting room and PO box.

Biggest challenge is more to do with house layouts and creating a good working environment at home (once had to provide a photo of my home office when applying for a remote work role to prove i wasn't coffee table based), than the politics [Says the bloke who has predominantly WfH since the late 90's, and undertsands that the argument of "why do i have to be in the office to connect a vpn to the datacentre, i can do it from home just as easily, work any time i want, and have a better net connection anyway" doesnt apply that well to people who dont look after servers across multiple data centres and continents]

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