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Azure DevOps Services reminds users that, yes, it really is time to pull the plug on Internet Explorer 11

Dave K Silver badge

There's three reasons all of which stem from when Win10 was originally released. Firstly because Edge was so rough and unfinished when Win10 was originally released. Secondly, IE was still very heavily used in businesses and MS was keen to get them to adopt Win10 without making life any more difficult than they had to. Thirdly, Edge was very tied into the quick-release approach of Win10 and wasn't designed to cope with the LTS builds early-on, hence IE had to be included as otherwise those systems wouldn't have had a browser of any sort.

It is a bit daft, but it's basically a legacy of these reasons above. Saying that, I would not be at all surprised to see IE removed soon from the core of the OS and instead offered as an optional download for those people who still need to use it. Trident may linger on in the background as a library for applications that still use it of course...

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