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It's only in the last decade that it's been allowed outside China at all, and it's still largely restricted to banks and certain businesses interacting with a limited selection of other countries. .... Cuddles

And one assumes for interaction with a limited number other politically sensitive and decidedly designed quite surreal, home government agencies too. ‽ State IntelAIgent Services Practising with Virtualised Space Sources .......trailing and trialing and testing and training Advanced IntelAIgent China Centric Cyber Forces ‽ .

Such would create a Secure Failsafe Closed Loop to fund/run Future Progression with a Pan Nationalised Control of/for/with IntelAIgent State Services well experienced in such fields of such tragic and heavenly endeavour.

Certainly worth a punt, if ever one wanted to share a share in a piece of some Future ACTions. Such puts One Ahead in an AI Leading Role, Deep Routed and Dark Web Rooted in the Thick of the ProgramMING.

I wonder if that would create a few sparks if the likes of an Elon Musk punted a seed investment :-) ... which they might rightly consider be just as loose pocket change and a legitimate business expense to be clawed back via Grateful EMPowering Reimbursements from Government Bodies. That's Win Win, No Losses.

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