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China sets out world domination plan for its digital currency

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Anonymous Coward

Sorry, what is a "Digital Yuan"?

....or "a digital version of its currency"?

Is this separate from the existing Yuan/Renminbi (which- as someone else pointed out- is very restricted in how it can be taken and used outside China) or something completely different?

It doesn't appear to be a cryptocurrency, so how does it vary from the US Dollar et al that can already be used online? (*) Or is it just a payment platform rather than a currency per se?

In short, what does it offer- as a currency- that's not already available?

(*) Assuming that's what "digital" is meant to be a synonym for. And yeah, it pisses me off that "digital" is now treated as synonymous with "online". Like a "digital" version of a film as opposed to all those analogue DVDs, right? Or "analogue" currencies for that matter...

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