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Even in PC gaming, arguable the last bastion where Intel is slightly ahead of AMD in performance *[1], recent benchmarking with the new nVidia 3080 (fastest current desktop GPU, so good to show of CPU bottlenecks) shows the current top end desktop Intel i9-10900K is only about 1-2% faster on average than a Ryzen-9-3950X at 4k gaming, which rises to a 2-4% lead for Intel in 1440p. Your average gamer isn't going to notice 4%, let alone 1 or 2% difference in FPS.

Also Zen 3 is about to launch, with estimates this is better IPC and clock speed, so those few % of a lead for Intel, are very likely to become a lead for AMD instead. And more on topic, Zen 3 is coming to Epyc of course.

1. Intel is also a little faster with some Adobe apps like Photoshop, but that's an outlier, and seems to be mainly down to poor code optimisations by Adobe, that doesn't scale well with core count.

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