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Microservices guru says think serverless, not Kubernetes: You don't want to manage 'a towering edifice of stuff'

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For 90%+ of the businesses out there...

How about two nice big hardware boxes (and an additional spare) located wherever you like? One with OpenBSD and relayd/httpd (and Python?) - Connected to the other running PostgreSQL on OpenBSD. Before I retired, my consultancy rate for something like that would have given you a nice report with lots of pretty graphs, and sufficient management-speak to look good for $10,000.00. I would even have worn a jacket and tie for some customers. Training would have been at my "bargain rate" (say another $25,000.00). A couple of jobs a year, plus ongoing consultancy; a few odds and ends; and plenty of time on the beach, or in the coffee shop - Sorted.

Cheap at twice the price :-) OK, an exaggeration, but not that much of one for the 90%+...

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