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> People cringe when they remember the animated GIFs and banners proclaiming 'this page is under construction' and several logos for the browsers your site works best in. I miss it.

Likewise. As a Facebook refusenik to this day I actively maintained an Angelfire site for years, and mentioned writing the site generation scripts for it in on my CV. Some of my less-publicised efforts were even spidered by (surprisingly in some cases).

I have since digressed into LinkedIn for a professional homepage; for a blog (replacing slashdot's journal); and github for code uploads (replacing freshmeat+AF), though I note that the Angelfire pages are still live and modifiable. I'm fairly sure I hadn't come anywhere near the Angelfire storage limit, there's only just enough to keep the pages as-is now - so they're still there, albeit with the obligatory "now elsewhere" links where applicable of course...

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