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Honor MagicBook Pro ... yet comes with a much larger display.

The MagicBook Pro is an inferior display. PDFs of A4 are marginal on 1080, the 1440 is far better.

Comparing inches/Cm without considering aspect ratio and actual number of pixels and actual DPI is meaningless.

However it does seems physically a little challenging if you don't have it close and have suitable reading glasses.

I'd rather have about 15" for a 3:2 screen.

I have a late 2016 Lenovo 14" 1920 x 1080 screen. My 2002 1600 x 1200 screen ( a bit over 15") was better.

So called Retina screens are no better for PDFs or A4 unless they are larger. Simply having twice as sharp pixels isn't useful if you can only see the same amount of document as a 1080 screen.

1200 is a minimum vertically, but you need more than 1200 or even more than 1440 if the pixels are more than 133 dpi.

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