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Dell cuts jobs again... which in Dell-speak is 'addressing cost structure to make sure we’re competitive'


Customer Service?

If they think that they are taking care of their team members so that the team members can take care of customers, they are delusional. A few months ago I ordered a fairly basic server, but ordered 16GB of RAM instead of the standard 8GB. They charged for the 16GB, but shipped 8GB. They refused to send the additional 8GB and required that the server be sent back to keep their records straight. I complied and they shipped a new server, once again with 8GB. I once again requested they send the other 8GB, but required me to ship the server back. They sent a new server, once again with 8GB. On the next call with their customer support, they required me to send the server back and cancelled the order saying that they could only do two exchanges on on order. I spent the next two months trying to get a refund. The whole ordeal required an exchange of more than 40 emails and 30 phone calls. No, I won't be purchasing a Dell anything, so they can get rid of a few people who give customers the runaround.

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