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This is serious

I don't know entirely how 'they' did it, but fraudsters, having stolen lots of my post from financial institutions managed to:

1. Create an account in my name at HSBC. Which stayed open for almost two months AFTER I'd alerted them to its fraudulent nature.

2. Managed to empty one one my pension funds into said HSBC account and then transfer the money elsewhere (after 1).

3. 'They' were in the process of emptying another pension account when I contacted the provider to warn them, which stopped that.

4. Emptied two access only by passbook and signature building society accounts over the Internet, transferring the money via a fraudulently set up account at said Building Society in my name to said HSBC account.

5. Emptied a shares account AFTER I had warned the company by e-mail of scams, and said company had replied saying they had communicated it to the relevant department.

6. Set up two Direct Debits on a current account taking almost £9,000 before I found out.

These people were / are professionals at their 'jobs', and almost got away with about £100,000 of my money* (I didn't work hard for it, I suffered incompetent management, bullying, lack of promotion, ignoring my sensible ideas - until 'suggested' by the manager I'd just been talking to - you know, standard IT 'career progression').

Anything that raises awareness amongst staff at companies of phishing and fraud is good in my opinion.

And guess what: The UK fraud investigators cannot be bothered to investigate because, as I've got the money back* I have not suffered a crime!

BTW: There is a Panorama program on BBC 1 tomorrow night about how HSBC allowed transfer of illegal funds.

If you stop getting post from banks, building societies, pension companies, credit / debit card statements etc. be warned, and let them all know, if only so you can tell them it is their fault if they get done. Note, at no time did I authorise in any way any of these transfers.

*(Fortunately as I was able to show that it was entirely the fault of the organisations, I got my money back, eventually.)

Still get worked up about this, 'cos, I know you are all paid your true worth, b ut £100k is actually a lot of money to me.

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