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Well although you have put the joke icon, in a sense you're right. There's a lot on the Web now that is just commercial crap. When I started using the Web in the 90's there was lots going on that captured the Internet and the people who used it in personal Web pages (even Geocities!). You don't get that really anymore, Facebook and MySpace etc killed off the personal Web page and no-one bothered to put the effort in again. People cringe when they remember the animated GIFs and banners proclaiming 'this page is under construction' and several logos for the browsers your site works best in. I miss it. I remember when I made my first website on the AOL hometown Web space I had (oddly only AOL would work on my 486 loaded from floppies to get me barely online), and some random person from the US contacted me about some of the content I put on there. The Web was exciting back then, a bit wild but a community of like minded people nonetheless. What are they really archiving now that we will want to see in the future that isn't behind a paywall/walled garden or some such? From what I've seen of Wayback machine, sadly it missed a lot of what made up pages back then, images etc, through no fault of their own of course. The interesting bit of the Web, it's history, it's roots, that was the bit that was worth saving. We are going to lose a lot of our culture the day no one can or wants to pay the bills to keep the electrons flowing within this project.

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