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Re: @AC - There is a huge bubble with s***talking elephants in the room

we would appreciate your thoughts and opinions. This is a serious matter and a constructive discution will surely benefit us all. .... Anonymous Coward

Happy to oblige, AC, and I'll keep it short and succinct.

Here be the crazed bull in the expensive china shop destroying all common and delicate stock ....

Whom do you recognise there as being played for the ultra conservative convenient fool and useful ignorant patsy and what does the program further blight and destroy? Anyone else other than yourselves ...... and the next generation, your children?

And the answer to those questions is ...... Quite so, no one else .... Idiots'r'us.

Are y'all destined to be going the same way of the dinosaurs of old ...... catastrophic sudden extinction or is that being specifically and exclusively reserved for crazed bulls destroying expensive china shop stock sharing portfolios ..... present and future inventory?

And there's only one sensible sane answer to that abiding current long overdue choice too. The quality of your future life, which surely is a very serious matter, depends wholly upon it.

The questions left hanging there then are ...... Are you both smart enough and bold enough to do what is fundamentally necessary ? Cut out and destroy the toxic rot and its virulent delivery agents.

Or do you need to be remotely saved with able outside help from that and/or those able to help expertly from outside of the bubble with the fundamental necessities? All of those choices be freely available to you, which is surely an extremely convenient blessing, and that is at least one helluva massive understatement indeed.

Decisions, decisions, decisions ........ wherever would we be without them?

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