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> Actual enemy aircraft type identification was done by the Observer Corps - once it had come into sight.

My dad was in the Observer Corps, aged 16. Office boy during the day; observer before and after work. Most times the planes could be identified by sound alone with visual sighting providing confirmation plus numbers, direction and altitude. Once he reached 18 he was conscripted into the Army and sent to North Africa, only to be shot while on patrol in no-mans-land after just a couple of months. He spent 18 months in hospital recovering and was invalided out.

He claims that while in the field hospital, a US Major came round handing out Purple Hearts and he was all set to say "Thank-you sir" in his best American accent but the sergeant accompanying him realised in time that my dad was a "limey', so all he got was a "Get well soldier" or some such. ;-)

Later he volunteered as a glider pilot for Arnhem but was rejected because of a partial paralysis in his foot. (He pointed out that Douglas Bader was allowed to fly but that didn't go down very well, apparently.)

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