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"The Spitfire was apparently a vanity project, not a great aircraft" - Bull. At the time, it was absolutely a great aircraft. Apart from looking good, it worked very well and actually intimidated Luftwaffe pilots as, at that point in time, it could at the very least compete with Luftwaffe fighter aircraft performance wise, and usually bested them. OK, the Hurricane may have been a slightly better gun platform and doesn't get anywhere near the recognition it deserves, but there was damn all wrong with the Spit. My source? A very elderly ex-neighbour, who was a WW2 fighter command *and* bomber command pilot (I've seen hist original logbooks), and who had more marbles and humility left when he died than you and I have together now. Not to mention much bigger balls.

"because of astonishing 'mistakes' by the Nazis". You are correct, however how is that different from today? So many times, encryption failure is down to failure of the implementation rather than the design. They say 'don't roll your own encryption' for a reason. Also, you didn't mention that BP was also successful due to the knowledge/experience of those who had come before us, especially our Polish allies, who gave us a head start with the techniques necessary to 'break' the Enigma and Lorenz traffic. My source? Less impressive than above, but based on several books published 1950-1990 i.e. before revisionism and distortion took serious hold. BP was bloody good at what it did, but like everything else it learnt, and then improved on, someone else's preceding work. Remember, they didn't have the resources we do now - no published CVE info, or POC code available..

"James Bond story concept was formed". Come on, then - I've cited to explain how you came about that startling piece of 'knowledge'?

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