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Jamaica was not a dominion

IIRC it was a Crown Colony. A large number of Jamaicans did fly in the RAF, but relatively few in Fighter Command (a prominent Fighter Command pilot was a future Prime Minister of Jamaica, another a prominent journalist, and one more a prominent academic) and of those few again relatively few in the BoB. A rather considerable number were in Bomber Command, though zero in 139 (Jamaica) Squadron, 139 got the tag after the Gleaner newspaper ran an appeal and raised the money to buy enough aircraft to form a squadron. And yes, the prominent journalist noted above worked for the Gleaner. The most famous Jamaican in Bomber Command would later defend Jomo Kenyatta in court and go on to be Minister of National Security in Jamaica. He’s still a hero in Kenya, not so much in Jamaica due to certain events while he was Minister, notably when several young men from the Prime Minister’s constituency made contact with people in the Army to get serious weapons, including two General Purpose Machine Guns. The young men and the soldiers went to an Army shooting range outside Kingston, allegedly to demonstrate the weapons. They were demonstrated, alright: on the young men. Oops. The Minister remarked, on the record, that, and I quote, “No angels died” at the range. This did not go down well. The Minister was also still in charge when a prominent ‘community activist’ (a major figure in the grass roots support of the party then in opposition) was killed by police. The autopsy showed 42 bullet wounds in his body, several located in places indicating that he had had his hands up when he was killed. That didn’t go down well either.

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