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Not to mention Leo was wearing an British made timepiece, convincing someone to use his research to kill "civilians" isn't my idea of heroism.

"Civilians" here because early on it was obvious that the hugely expensive nuclear weapons were too costly to use against spread out military target. Civilian in citys on the other hand are nicely bunched up so as to demonstrate to those fighting what they would have to come back to even if they "won".

Before the boer war civilians were typically ignored by warring parties other than the usual rape, murder and pillage that was the reason for many joing an army, once weapons increased their potency and cost then civilians became the most cost effective target and have remained so ever since.

War was always a stupid waste of resources and everyone in the UK is still paying for our love of war, that a few made their fortunes at the expense of their countrymen is not something I think deserves celebrating

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