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Hairy Spod,

Not investing in jets was a deliberate choice. Which probably turned out to be correct. It's possible that we could have had good numbers of jets much earlier in the war, but it's also possible that the R&D wouldn't have borne fruit in time and that useful resources would have been wasted on having the best technology rather than tech that was good enough.

The RAF chose to concentrate on what was working now or what would be working soon. Churchill did the same at the Admiralty in 1939, where he cut a whole bunch of ships that were building, but wouldn't be ready until 1943-44 in order to concentrate on bashing out loads of cheap escort ships that could be at sea within 6 months to a year.

Both choices were almost certainly the correct ones. Germany never got serious numbers of Me262s deployed - and the ones they did needed an engine rebuild every 10 hours! Else the engines exploded - which can really ruin your day.

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