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Battle of Britian - some of the forgotten bits.

The BoB was fought (mostly) over land - and in inshore waters. British pilots could be rescued, German fighter pilots could not, usually. Britian had about 1000 active fighter pilots, versus around 1300 german fighter pilots (plus another 2000 bomber crews). A shot down plan had around 70% of british pilots ready to fly again within a week. on the German side - closer to 30%. Coastal rescue played a decisive role for the RAF.

to add to this, the BF109 was fighting outside its effective range. a german fighter could remain on station in Kent for about 15 minutes provided it saw no action. Spitfires were designed round less effective range and carried less fuel - making it generally a little more agile. This agility was offset by the BF109 low level engine performance, with a superior supercharger and fuel injection system giving more than 200 HP prop power. The Spitfire excelled at high level anti-bomber work where the Rolls Royce engine could excel against medium bombers. The ME110 had the range, and straight line speed, but no manuverability worth a damn - being a twin engine boemoth of a fighter.

The Hurricane, on the otherhand, was the mainstay of the RAF and polish forces - and accounted for more than half of the german fighters shot down. Not as pretty, though.

Radar really played a role where the RAF could be targetted at bombers - avoiding fighter screens - while german fighter sweeps usually went unanswered.

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