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Post-War mistakes...

After the war we ended giving away much of our precious IP as payment to the US for helping us. The jet engine, radar and computing were our inventions and we should have profited from them but we didn't.

The computing knowledge we had was wrapped in the Official Secrets act for many years past their usefulness. Sadly this also prevented us recognising those heroes.

Before the war we didn't even want Whittle's engine and allowed the Germans to exploit it. Later we traded jet engine IP to allow the flawed Comet to continue to fly but it was too late to save our aeroplane businesses.

As we could not manufacture the magnetrons required for UHF radar, we lets the Americans make them which meant they has the IP yo exploit for themselves after the war.

Then, the French, as ever, did not thank us for saving their asses again. They even spent years preventing us from joining the EU; unfortunately we persisted.

We should have made the Germans pay; after all, as John Cleese said, "they started it!". Instead we helped them rebuild VW - go figure!

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