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We did it as a matter of principle. - while it's nice to believe that, it was, in fact, done as a matter of necessity. The principled part was a comforting justification, but rest assured if circumstances had been otherwise hell could have frozen over and those motivated by greed, entitlement and arrogance would still have maintained their grip on the right to plunder and oppress, however dressed up in 'principles' it needed to be in order to salve the consciences of all those who benefited.

Don't kid yourselves. An individual can be principled and willingly take the hit of being so, but make it two people, and keep adding to the group, and that willingness and ability to be truly principled, and to act accordingly, goes down in proportion. The temptation to greed and power grabbing is just too much for too many of us, and those of us who 'follow the money' as our highest aim in life are sure to gather where money, and power, are to be had. And fight tooth and nail to hang on to the entitlement for as long as possible.

Don't imagine it has stopped. The UK is where it is now in large part because of the ongoing actions of the greed, entitlement and arrogance of 'the few'.

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