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Re: Will you kindly stop with the "Britain alone" myth?

But that's because we've all seen the cartoon by Lowe: "Very Well, Alone!"

That is, of course, Lowe, the New Zealander....

"Britain stood alone" seems to fit most people's prejudices (and there are equally inaccurate popular viewpoints of the US and USSR contributions that gloss over their less positive bits).

It also avoids the slight inconvenience that Britain was fighting for freedom and democracy and at the same time had the world's largest empire.

And of course, when you stop to think about the size and resources available to the Empire (The Indian army was huge, and was all volunteer, as just one example), the popular myth of the Nazi giant being faced down by plucky Britain fighting for its survival suddenly becomes the Nazi bully meeting the first team rugby squad (Britain + commonwealth +empire) and doomed to getting a beating.

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