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It's about the pro applications

I'm a linux user, but I've worked for a lot of media organisations.

These orgs use apple kit, to run adobe applications. They have an opinionated workflow, and while they require that workflow, switching over to other applications isn't happening.

Conversely there is a lot of massive kit controlled by windows pc's and they are never switching as Xmillion quid worth of kit is not being switched out until it dies, and certainly not for some business case, which says "at best, it will work the same, and you won't notice the difference".

Linux is slowly creeping up in the education sector, with chromebook type devices, and is owning mobile with Android / an-other distro based on Linux.

For the rest of us, Linux has been doing sterling service for a very long time.

I'm currently issued with a work apple laptop - a 2019 macbook pro.

It's not to my taste, my hands are too large to avoid hitting the touchpad whilst typing.

The UI seems to dislike having two maximised windows on different screens (one external monitor).

It can be done, but not maximised so, it has to be manually placed, which is a slightly irritating.

It only has thunderbolt ports, so adapters are required to use wired keyboards/mice/ethernet.

As a programmer, it's not a very useful machine, as it makes typing actively painful without the desktop setup, e.g. it's a mobile computer that is not great when on the move.

But it can be easily remote wiped, and that's what work cares about.

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