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I am guessing you are a cotton wool wrapped ignorant millenial or gen xer who understands little or nothing of what that war means to Britain and the world.

I'm a boomer, when I was a kid all of our parents had fought in the war, either in the forces or played their part in the civilian life of the country,nearly every family had lost members or friends due to combat or bombing, certainly no-one was unaffected by the war.

As a kid up until the sixties we played on bomb sites in and around London, it wascommon for bombs and ordnance to be dug on most construction sites, I remember watching a group of Paddies digging a trench, pulling out dozens of small incendiary bombs and chucking them into an oil drum full of water.

The North bound entrance to the Blackwall tunnel under the modern cladding still has the 20mm cannon shell marks from where an Me 190 strafed the traffic.

So it has feck all to do with gammons and everything to do with the fact you are able to make your vacuous comments here.

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