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Well, British military spending in the early to mid 1930's was inadequate. However, it ramped up in the late 1930's, as the deficiencies (and probable war with Nazi Germany) became clear. And it did so early enough that the RAF had Spitfires and Hurricanes in relatively large numbers.

However, the main reason that Britain won the Battle of Britain is that contrary to the national stereotypes, the British were exceptionally competent and professional, whereas the Germans were ill-prepared and making it up as they went along.

Not mentioned in the article is that the RAF had an integrated control network, linking radar to observer corps to sector control rooms to squadrons, meaning that, broadly, the battle was controlled at every stage, whereas the Germans took off on a planned mission and then could only react to what the British did with the forces on the spot.

The British rotate their squadrons to avoid pilot fatigue (the Germans didn't).

The British had reasonably good intelligence overall, the German intelligence was atrocious.

The British fought a battle they had been preparing for for about 4 years, the Germans didn't.

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