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Walled Garden? Linux?

People keep throwing in this now pejorative phrase 'walled garden'. This is nonsense.

The basis of security is to set boundaries and respect boundaries.

Actually, it is more than respecting boundaries it is enforcing boundaries. A platform and OS must enforce boundaries.

Some spread this myth that such controls are against freedom. For some this is childish, others naive, some dishonest – at the very least it is a complete misunderstanding of security.

Linux is also overrated. I think it is a good OS, but its adherents push that it is technically superior to anything else. That is not true. Linux has made a tradeoff of security for performance. And that is why MacOS is based on a better version of Unix for end users. Mind you I also think Unix is overrated, but at least the Mach, Darwin, BSD underpinnings of Apple are better than Linux.

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