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IBM have done well out of using the dirtiest tricks in the industry. Read Richard DeLamater's 'Big Blue: IBM's Use and Abuse of Power'.

The financial world would be much better off using Burroughs mainframes from Unisys, with maybe what is still the best processor architecture in the business. In fact, the ideas from these machines influenced Apple because Alan Kay who invented the window was a student of the Burroughs designer Bob Barton. Burroughs were the first machines exclusively programmed in HLLs, and Burroughs extensions to ALGOL make C look like a toy (which it is).

IBM systems saw people as being peripherals to the system. That was broken by Silicon Valley putting people in control of computers.

Burroughs systems take a fraction of the staff of IBM. But complexity ensures lock in in this industry and that is a very bad thing.

IBM eventually lost because it brought out the awful IBM PC which was only to crush Apple.

IBM doing well over the years has been to the detriment of the industry and computing as a way of exploring what computing and humanity is.

Mind you IBM has done some very good stuff, like relational databases, but then somewhat wrecked that invention with SQL.

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