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Let's not forget the civilians

It's certainly right to honor the various RAF and affiliated casualties, but lets also remember the many thousands of civilians in London and elsewhere and the couple hundred merchant mariners running convoys through the English Channel who died during the Battle of Britain.

Fun story, my grandfather was doing some secret radio work as part of the British Post Office in London during the Battle of Britain and The Blitz. This was more for marine and aerial navigation than for the ULTRA effort. I'm not sure it was during the Battle of Britain or The Blitz, but early one morning he was alerted that the building his team was in had taken a bomb hit on the roof overnight. He rounded up his group and came in early and found that the bomb had cracked the walls, thrown furniture and glass around, knocked out the utilities and made a mess of the roof and top floor or two, but the building was still standing. Due to his group's involvement in the war effort, they just kind of matter-of-factly removed all their materials and equipment and carried it across the street to another building, and kicked the existing tenants out. I have cassette tapes about his war experiences that he left me and my siblings.

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