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They haven't gone away, you know .... Immaculately Resourceful Assets

Boffins haven't gone away today, they have just morphed into another intelligence norm/phorm and are still advising government leaders .... which/whom you are best served believing are not necessarily in the guise of any media hosted politician ..... with news of and proposals for novel developments/Great Game Changing Operations.

The abiding initial difficulty that probably will always remain in the sub-prime human realm, by the very nature of the advanced information delivered advising leaders of Great Game Changing Operations, is an incredulous doubt that such be in any way possible, simply because they and/or their colleagues are neither able nor enabled to successfully achieve and deliver the proposals and matters under development discussions. Fortunately though, that is just a faux problem which has been resolved with solutions to be easily delivered by A.N.Others to those who and that which would require them ....... for to imagine that there be any choice to deny such developments or prevent their escape into future consciousness and universal presentation, is to suffer and confine oneself in a monumental delusion ........ which is a bitterly cold comfort blanket of zero great worth.

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