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Brit MPs to Apple CEO: Please stop ignoring our questions about repairability and the environment

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If they are losing money on repairs, it means that the products are poorly designed... You know, all glued together and everything breaks if you try and take it apart.

There needs to be a change in attitude from just supplying new shiny-shiny to actually designing sustainable products, like we used to have. The world of electronics design has taken huge steps backwards over the last couple of decades, at least in terms of repairability and sustainability.

If a TV broke in the past, it was probably a capacitor or another component that could be de-soldered and a new one soldered onto the board, job done, TV works again. Now everything is so small and tightly packed, that it is next to impossible to repair And whilst the integration of components onto single chips brings benefits in reduced production costs, it comes with a high cost on quality, longevity and repairability.

The same goes for smartphones or anything else, right up to automotive, aviation, shipping etc.

Whilst Apple is the poster child for poor repairability of their devices, it is an industry wide trend and we need to take a step back and look at what we are doing and what we will accept as consumers - although it will be hard to get away from, unless everybody suddenly switches to Fairphone and its ilk.

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