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> Those morons are going to kill the Macs

History suggests that Apple's traditional 'meh' attidute to gamers doesn't hurt them. Gamers will always want the fastest hardware over any other consideration - this plays far more to the strengths of commodity hardware slingers than it does Apple's strengths of creating integrated systems and then charging a premium for things not expressible in GHz.

Apple also know that gamers haven't always enjoyed the best image in the wider public perception. As Apple wants to sell computers to lawyers, dentists and doctors - in short, grown up professionals with money - keeping a bit of distance from gamers can only helps Apple's image in the eyes of people with money. It doesn't hurt that Apple computers are associated with artists and musicians, either.

I know plenty of Mac owners who play video games, but they do so on a Playstation or Nintendo like a normal person.

The idea of using a work machine to play games stems from the 1980s when all computers were pricey. Today, anyone in the market for a Mac for work can easily afford a console on the side.

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