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Anonymous Coward

Google is so full of crap

Trying to claim that YouTube is not for children.

I read this article:

And everything that article claims was correct.

I went down a DEEP rabbit hole looking at the bizarre mind-control videos that were on YouTube produced SPECIFICALLY to target young children and it was very disturbing to say the least.

Once you typed in a few keywords and watched a couple of strange videos the algorithms kick in and the videos being recommended got weirder and weirder.

I was shown a video of a middle aged Asian woman sitting at a kitchen table that had a piece of tinfoil in the middle with fake human feces on it.

And with every repeating color and number song the woman stuck a wooden match into the fake poop.

The mind-control color/number songs kept repeating until the fake poop was completely full of wooden matches and at the end of the video the woman lit the whole shit on fire.

More disturbing was the number of views this bizarre video had.

It had MILLIONS of views!

There is something very very wrong with YouTube.

It was like watching some CIA pay-ops mind control techniques.

Google needs to be sued into oblivion and broken up.

The same for Facebook for allowing mass surveillance as in the other article on ElReg today.

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