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Who cares what Apple's about to announce? It owes us a macOS x86 virtual appliance for non-Mac computers


By that time I would truly hope that most of that software was available in ARM form, even the most laggard software team should have achieved that.

It's not just software. My brother is (I begrudgingly admit) a rather talented amateur musician.

When he moved from a POWER to Intel Macbook, his external sound card stopped working. Nothing so prosaic as a driver issue - there was a known hardware issue and that was that. Paperweight.

For him, that was a tedious £100 to shell out for a new model. For a recording studio, jog on - they're not going to bin £100k mixing boards because something weird doesn't play nicely with ARM (granted, you would hope at that level you would be able to get sensible manufacturer support - if they still exist).

Of course studios are an "industrial" setting with long-life hardware installations where if it works today you can just carry on using it (same reason there are MRI machines and CNC stations driven by Windows XP boxes). But sooner or later the hardware will die and then if it won't play nicely with Apple's ARM gear, then you'll need to be able to hackintosh onto whatever x86 hardware is available that year. Which means having Apple offer a legitimate OSX licence for virtualisation or generic-hardware, just as you can for WinXP in those exceptional cases.

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