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>No project should be started without knowing where you want to end up.

Spent a fraught 8 weeks working on producing the PRINCE2 PID for a client project that was supposed to be well beyond that stage. (normally its a couple of days work as you can cut-and-paste from other documentation.)

Neither the PM nor the customer lead could understand why I was having so many problems until it (slowly) dawned on them that simply deploying 3000 laptops (*) to the field workforce wasn't going to deliver any business benefit, furthermore, the field engineers weren't employees but contractors working for third-party companies and thus the business benefits and efficiency savings previously identified would largely accrue to the third-party companies and not the customer's own company; additionally, the changes would require contractual ways of working changes that would also involve union representatives - as the IT lead, I didn't have the authority to conduct such negotiations...

Managed to deliver and get board sign-off for the (enlarged) budget, although it nearly cost my job...

(*) Yes laptops with just MS Office installed, no consideration as to how these laptops would be used and maintained out-in-the-field and how they would reliably communicate with corporate (SAP) systems.

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