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Re: Barely any input from the IT department

Same shit happens in our company.

Gob-shite company: "We need this shit doing within the next two months".

Gob-shite us: "Ermm, that isn't much time, but we could possibly make it, if we work a few hours extra (for free) and make some shortcuts (less/no unit tests, hard-coding stuff that should be configurable, etc.)"

Gob-shite us have found something that would delay us a few days because the gob-shite company.

Gob-shite company: "What the fuck? A fucking delay? How fucking dare you?!?! You should fucking thank us you have jobs, ingrateful fucking tossers".

Tis only our fault, should have delayed the first projects that had unrealistic timelines, but I imagine that's what they wanted. Our team was the fucking runt of the litter and it always felt like it.

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