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What an IDORable Giggle: AI-powered 'female only' app gets in Twitter kerfuffle over breach notification

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

How lovely.

"Whilst we disagree with your views..."

What a self-righteous prig. I'm sorry, but common shared humanity should surely dictate that you help someone regardless; your opinion of their views is utterly irrelevant, on a par with whether you like a different brand of ketchup in terms of relevancy. Do we really have to virtue-signal in absolutely everything now?

What next? "Before I save you from drowning, what is your opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement?" "Yes, I can see that you're trapped in the wreckage of a burning car, can you tell me first which way you vote?"

Anon, because I'm going through enough shit in life right now without having the usual pathetic keyboard trolls pile on me for stating the bleedin' obvious.

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