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Climb every mountain, wsl --mount every Linux disk in latest Windows Preview


Not till hell freezes over.

... those who currently dual-boot Windows and Linux; a swift wsl -–mount with a valid drive path will permit access to the Linux filesystem ...

If you actually "dual-boot Windows and Linux" it is probably because your daily boot is on Linux and need (for whatever reason) access to a Windows installation every so often.

ie: dual-boot Linux and Windows. Not the other way around.

Those who know what they are doing will value their Linux installation and stay away from this dumb tomfoolery.

It is a recipe for disaster, a hellish "fox in the henhouse" scenario.

If you really need to have windows, you can set up your desk next to one [8^D!] or fire up one or more virtual machines in Linux with all the Windows you need.

But let any Windows installation acess my Linux drives?

Not till hell freezes over.



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