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No, Kubernetes doesn’t make applications portable, say analysts. Good luck avoiding lock-in, too

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Re: Simon, this is ridiculous on so many levels

I totally agree. The guys who wrote this report are full of sh1t and have no idea what they are talking about. It reads like it was funded by VMWare in a desperate attempt to convince people that their product is still relevant.

Portability doesn't even mean the things they're suggesting it means. Portability is about maintaining control of your own business rather than ceding it to a vendor. Kubernetes is not a vendor technology, it's an open-standard, and adopting a popular open-standard with support from this many organisations, and vendors, is a very good idea and cannot in any way be considered 'lock-in'.

I demand that you rewrite this article pointing out that the three authors clearly have no understanding of that of which they speak, and that they clearly belong to the 95% of the industry that is incompetent and without whom we would all be a lot more productive. These guys should be fired, and the author of the article should be castigated for repeating such tosh.

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