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No, Kubernetes doesn’t make applications portable, say analysts. Good luck avoiding lock-in, too

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Simon, this is ridiculous on so many levels

First: You are basing an entire opinion of Kubernetes on a Gartner report. Did you even try to talk to a user for another opinion? Most Reg articles do a good job of contrasting what analysts say vs the real world, rooted in people who actually USE the technology. You know like everyone here that Gartner doesn't actually use the tools they cover.

Second: If you had actually talked to a user, you probably would have learned that one of the big advantage of K8s is that you can build locally, deploy anywhere. That's not the same as moving between public clouds - which isn't the common use. It's a 'plan b' if you need to move but that's NOT why you should adopt or use K8s. Cloud-native works for some but it's not the ONLY way to build and deploy.

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