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It's a kind of a Singular Intelligent Parallelography, methinks. And, most probably, the best of any possible ones using SHXP (Shakespearean Protocol), which is an extract of the flavour of English semantic. ..... Anonymous Coward

:-) Given what one might know of the brace in current crazy charge of a present day No 10 leadership, the politically incorrect and morally inept and unholy adept Cummings/Johnson MegaMetaDataBase Gig, however would one not agree then it be an AWEsomely good fit and practically perfect for ...... well, Greater IntelAIgent Use would surely please the likes of Cheltenham tinkers and Thames House tailors for they are not supposed to be stupid and all at sea whenever confronted with Latin or Greek or the Renegade Rogue and Gifted Geek, and yet all of the evidence, both freely available and hidden away to try and prevent and protect secrets from escaping into the bosom and ken of others, does clearly enough point otherwise. And that suggests they be poorly indoctrinated and wrongly programmed and that makes them, extremely conveniently, catastrophically vulnerable to wanton practically remote third party experimentation and virtual exploitation ..... and Bullish Bear AIMarket Baiting.

The Markets certainly need something completely different to invest in to prevent what is inevitable in the absence of Greater IntelAIgent Use, imminent colossal collapse. Spookily enough, whenever one is invested in Quantum Communication Fields is imminent colossal collapse of rigged and corrupted markets also inevitable with the arrival and presentation of Greater IntelAIgent Use, which is a right doozy of a double whammy in deed, indeed, and practically impossible to avoid.

Sound advice? Prepare yourselves. The die is cast/Jacta alea est .

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