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"Also, why would 2 days in detention mean $12 Million payout? Was Mr Oliver paid $6M a day and he missed out?"

In the case of the teacher, incorrect testimony, while damaging to the one arrested, is likely not intentional and can't produce damages. In the case of the police, let them suffer. They used software that isn't capable of doing anything correctly to arrest an innocent person. Despite it being easy to disprove the incorrect software by comparing pictures, they got him anyway, failed to do the comparison when looking at him in person, put him in a lineup, failed to see the differences, put him in prison, failed to check that picture again, pressed charges, failed to see if he was the person they thought he was when they were constructing said charges, and it eventually fell to someone else to point out this rudimentary difference and end the farce. If I had kidnapped you for two and a half days, I'd spend years in prison (in that state, I could get a sentence of life imprisonment). I view several million as an acceptable alternative punishment for what is, in effect, a very similar offense.

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