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"He may have a case for wrongful arrest but I can't see the justification for suing the teacher,"

Well, the artice states that "the teacher confirmed from photos that Oliver was the man who attacked him".

In either case, I don't think there is a case since eyewitnesses often give wrong testimonies, but is it punishable to point the wrong person in a lineup?

Also, why would 2 days in detention mean $12 Million payout? Was Mr Oliver paid $6M a day and he missed out?

The original article at Detroit Free Press doesn't tell how Mr. Oliver's face was in the database, nor is that picture shown - which may have not had the tattoos or the same haircut. There is certain resemblance in the faces of the real perp and Mr. Oliver (IMHO) but obviously there was real lack of proper investigation from the Detroit PD.

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