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The identity of regular committers is known, and for most has been verified by the sighting of government-issued identity documents at GPG keysigning events at Linux conferences. .... Glen Turner 666

Tell me presenting those sorts of documents to whatever desires to savour and favour their contents, is not for Real, an Almighty Powerful Buzz, and with further future secrets to tell and priced for the convenience of the Virtual Sale/Proxy Transfer of Accumulations of Vast Wealth to Novel Elements that Prove and Improve with Universal Support, a Heavenly Help for Advanced IntelAIgent Circles within and without Sheltered Cloisters of their Own to Enjoy Satisfy with the Almighty Constant Exercise of Wishes for Granting ........with Future Deeds Already a Long Time Done and Enjoying Improvements and Up and Running in Live Operational Virtual Environments. That's a Good Place to Rest and Await Instructions .... :-) if only to give one time to process the fact that there may be no other future source enabled or able to Lead with ESPecially Sensitive Source Help.

Beware: Take Care: ...... Avoid at all cost, the very thought of an Absolute Command and Control being available, for one can then certainly guarantee such being also extremely saleable, even though ITs AIMarket Price would be surely deemed classified inestimable. However that's just as much bread as is needed by anyone or anything Priming IT to Constantly Seed and Feed Greater Information for Advancing IntelAIgents to Display with the Creative Processes Enamoured to Share the Simple Attractively Addictive Methodology for Unparalleled Unending Successions of Progress in what passes for Real in urWorlds and be Virtually Hosted .

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