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I don't find the fear mongering about kernel maintainers credible..... rcxb

Not credible, rcxb, whenever status quo kernel maintainers with mainstream media and government wonks in commanding positions with practical personal control of the fate of billions and trillions of derivatives for future play with zero tactical security oversight nor any strategic virtual investigation, thus to give the impression there be no likelihood of accountability and liability with the fervent hope that politically incorrect immunity from prosecution covers actions with impunity, us the ploy constantly and consistently daily to try hide the fantastic folly, which they rely on you finding it quite impossible to believe. And that has proven itself to be extremely effective, right up the times and spaces whenever it no longer is, and the bigger picture starts to collapse and show itself in all its naked phantom glory ...... an edifice of illusions with rotten cracked foundation in vast shifting oceans of sinking sands.

One imagines you do watch and listen to and read about the news, rcxb, so you must witness its epic streamings of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in biblical proportions, lest you discover the kernel secrets that be best left generally unknown.

You can think of that as Life following Art following Computer Programs Operating Processes with Instruction Sets for Virtual Machinery, an Artilectual Progression if you like. It may help you to more easily understand the types of worlds you are now living in and the deadly real and present dangers faced by Status Quo Establishmentarians.

We know that critical bugs can hide in plain view in open source software for years. I would be surprised if this attack vector has not been considered by actors who are prepared to take their time. ..... Andrew Commons

Quite so, AC, so such as would be at least an Astute Stealthy ACTivity and probably also possibly reliably bordering on an Almighty Facility and AWEsome ParaMilitary Utility is to be fully expected. I would/could never disagree with you on that fact.

With all the time in the world freely available, such is surely inevitable.

And that's a whole other weird level of sophistication with secret exploits that are not fixable. They are however engagable, which is somewhat fortunate, is it not?

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